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Through Windsong Pictures, students and adults create short and full length movie productions which is a process that initiates interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students of all ages. Over the last 43 years, Windsong Pictures has worked with over 200,000 students of all ages and over 45,000 adults across 50 states.

The Windsong Pictures Academy is the only student organization that offers an extensive opportunity of this magnitude. Students from many area schools and across the country create, research, write, cast, costume, film, edit, and produce full length feature and short motion pictures involving hundreds of students and community members. Besides a local premiere, the students showcase the screenplays at national film festivals and market the pictures on five continents across the world.

The Feature Length Film Production Program is for both advanced students and adult cinephiles locally and also from locations where the screenplay is filmed across the country. These involve creating, researching, writing, casting, costuming, constructing props and sets, blocking, rehearsing, filming, editing, and producing the program.

Windsong Pictures is an educational institution; therefore, all films and media that it produces must meet an established family friendly criterion. These expectations strengthen and incorporate a script, which supports the human spirit. Windsong will not produce movies that demean, discriminate, or illicit sex or graphic violence.

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