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Windsong Pictures, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company, creates films that impact the cast and crew, the audiences in theaters, the students in classrooms, and people of all ages.   All Windsong Pictures films are refreshingly family friendly and always provide a message of hope for mankind.  The following feature length films are a few of over 300 motion pictures produced over 42 years.  Your contribution of $20.00 for feature films and $10.00 for short films is 100% tax deductible and directly benefits student learning!

 Windsong Pictures Feature Length Films

1816 is the official Indiana Bicentennial film with a cast and crew of 18,000 people shot throughout the state of Indiana. The theatrical documentary traces Indiana’s rich living history from the earliest inhabitants, the Mound Builders into the 21st Century covering: Native American heritage, Canals & Railroads, Windmills & Farming, Circus under the Big Top, the Revolution & 1812,  the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean & Viet Nam, the Roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, Holocaust Survivors, the Civil Rights Movement, African, Asian & Latin American Diversity and ore.

Alaska: The Last Frontier I & Alaska: The Last Frontier II, documentary films, present a spectacular view of the rich heritage of Alaska. In terms of sheer beauty there is no place like Alaska, the land carved by glaciers and polished by the sea. The films provide an in depth look at the world of Native Alaskan subsistence living.  It also captures the wealth of resources that Alaska holds from the fishing industry, to an oil rich treasury, to coal harvesting to the modern day Alaskan Gold Rush.  The film also looks at the strategic importance of Alaska historically, economically and environmentally.

Alaskan Gold Fever is a fictional theatrical film that centers around college students who trek to Alaska on a scientific expedition.  An encounter with Tana, a young Native Alaskan woman, proves to be most enlightening.  A half-crazed  mountain man and two Alaskan pirates provide intrigue and certain peril in the adventure,   On the journey a group of students are side tracked when they catch “Gold Fever” that leads them into certain trouble.  In the end it is the US Coast Guard and Native Alaskans who come to rescue the inexperienced students.

 Alice in Wonderland is a theatrical film that follows the life of Alice in all its ups and downs from following the White Rabbit on a magical journey to meeting the temperamental Queen and all the classic Wonderland characters.

The Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln: the Making of the Manwith a cast of 17,000 people is a powerful theatrical feature length film that focuses on the story of Abraham Lincoln from the perspective of his boyhood in Kentucky and Indiana.  Understanding his boyhood formation, the film then embraces the years of his manhood and political ascendancy in Illinois all the way to his presidency.  The film with a cast of over 17,000 people was three years in the making and was produced in association with the National Park Service, the National Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the Federal Judiciary Education Branch of the United States Supreme Court.

The Spirit of Abraham Lincoln is a unique companion film designed covering other elements of Lincoln’s dramatic impact on the United States and the free world including many of the personal stories Lincoln was famous for telling his sons and other children.

With a cast of over 500, Calliope is a historical theatrical film that traces the 19th century John Robinson Circus that traveled and entertained people throughout the country including northern Indiana as they trekked in their circus wagons and played under the big top.  The film was shot on location at the Peru Circus Hall of Fame, the Baraboo Circus in Wisconsin, in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, and in Fayette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The circus crossed paths with Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok, the James Bailey Circus and more.

Heads or Tails is a historical film with a cast of 300 people that focuses on the Canal Era in Fort Wayne and the lives impacted by the western transportation movement.  The Native Americans were driven from their land to Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and free African Americans settled outside the town and served as black smiths and cooks.  It was also the time when German immigrants moved to the Summit City along with Irish Catholics and Protestants who brought their long-standing religious feud from Ireland to Indiana.

How to Make a Movie is a two part series about how to make a movie beginning with the initial concept and asking the key question – “Who is the Audience?  From pre-production to production and post production, the two part series explains in depth the steps and techniques with shot by shot examples that are needed to produce a motion picture.

In Silence, based on the lives of actual college students, is a powerful and dramatic film that theatrically presents an in depth psychological profile of seemingly misfit college students as they struggle through personal trials, misunderstanding and perils when they are abandoned in the wilderness.  It is a blind girl who leads them to safety. The film has a powerful spiritual message of hope for mankind.

Lost Souls: Lighthouses and Shipwrecks, a mystery feature film, salutes the United States Coast Guard on the Great Lakes protecting the interior of the country from modern day piracy.  In the process the film embraces many Great Lakes families who have suffered the loss of loved ones on shipwrecks and also lighthouse rescue crews who lost their lives trying to save others.  The inspiration for the film is that Windsong Pictures was founded in 1975 by Michael Floyd and Bob Parsons in Rogers City, Michigan.  Two ships, the Bradley and the Cedarville, from the Rogers City port sank in gale force November storms in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  Every family in the community lost loved ones on those ships devastating their lives.

With a cast of 500, Michilimackinac, set in the Revolutionary War era is a heartwarming film portraying the lives of the French and English settlers along with the Chippewa and Ottawa caught in the war.  The film was authentically shot at Old Fort Wayne and Fort Michilimackinac in Michigan.  The film is an authentic look into 18th century life on the edge of the frontier wilderness with its beauty, challenges and hardships.

Mitty is based on the short story by James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In the story Walter Mitty is nagged and henpecked by his wife Mrs. Mitty.  In order to escape the nagging Walter becomes a day dreamer imagining that he is an ace pilot, that he is a western hero, that he is Sir Lancelot with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and much more.  The film has adventurous episode after episode where Walter becomes the hero in every sequence and his wife ironically becomes the heroine.

Native American Sacred Places and Sacred Journey are documentary films that explore Native American Sacred Places in each of the 48 continental states across the country.   The films explore the timeless wisdom of Native Elders and their long-standing teachings and traditions as they walk in harmony with Mother Earth.  The films are a spiritual journey with Native Americans set in majestic and panoramic backdrops of the most beautiful places in the country.  The film also features the Native American musical artistry of Arvel Bird, Robert Mirabal, Grady Shadowhawk and others.

Nightwind, rooted in a legend from centuries gone by in a time set with magic and mystery in a kingdom faraway, and evil sorcerer ruled the land oppressively.  A sleep child, the anointed one, awoke to the sound the Nightwind calling her name, and from the fading moon, a magnificent white horse mystically emerged.  Bianca, a young 21st century equestrian prodigy, challenged by wicked forces, dares to triumph in the age old struggle of good vs. evil.  In her quest to fulfill her destiny to make the world a better place, she comes to understand that God is the source of all power and all goodness.

Pirates in Paradise highlights the life of piracy on the high seas tracing the lives of Captain Calico Jack Rackham, Ann Bonny and Mary Reed, as they barely survive the massive earthquake of Port Royal, Jamaica in 1692.  Sailing  north they ransack San Augustine, La Florida and search for the treasure of privateer Robert Searles on the Caribbean island of Cordova.  Having kidnapped the daughter of the governor of La Florida, Diego de Quiroga y Losada along with Don Pedro Perez are in relentless pursuit of the piratical thieves.  The swashbuckling film depicts piracy accurately and does not romanticize it.

Rendezvous is a Revolutionary War saga with a cast and crew of over 500 people set in Vincennes, Indiana where the British laid siege to Fort Sackville in 1778.  Life for the settlers and the Native Americans under British control was taxing, but the return of George Rogers Clark and his militia overtook the British and captured Governor Hamilton.  It was a turning point in the conflict.

Ripple is a film with a truly international cast from around the world and is based on the true stories of the cast in the film. Domestically the theatrical film examines bullying and racism.  Internationally the film explores grave injustices from slavery to the tyranny of drug lords.  In the film young people unite with mentoring adults to fight injustice with “Ripples of Kindness”.  This is a very moving and compelling story that will stir the heart and help bridge the gap of indifference while replacing hate with love.

Spreading Wings is film about a young girl who is fascinated with aviation thanks to her grandfather who is a pilot.  In the film she meets famed aviator Margaret Ringenberg and travels to Washington DC on a field trip. There she sees a plane actually piloted by her personal heroine Amelia Earhart. Through a lost dog tag mishap, the girl and her brother are swept up in a time warp and are actually flying with Amelia and her navigator Fred Noonan on their final flight around the world.

Street Symphony is a dance film extravaganza.  The Street Symphony dance team is tight nit racially and ethnically diverse group of talented dancers.   The young ladies must overcome many obstacles to make it to the national dance championship finals.  Each of the dancers comes from challenging backgrounds, and that works against them in suppressing their self-esteem.  Clinging to the goal and focusing on the prize, the national dance championship, helps spirit them through storms they encounter.  The girls with the help of the famous Alvin Alley work hard learning their dances.   They face an uphill battle against over 100 accomplished dancers and especially the highly favored elite team, Chicago Rocks. that has all the advantages economically with superior training, experience and support.

Walking With Us is a powerful film that examines the lives of people who are wrestling with their own faith, struggling to fight the pains of poverty, preying gangs and drug dealers influencing children, and crushing hopelessness of the homeless and downtrodden.  The film is a warm and powerful experience of hope in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds as Angels walk with those in need and embrace them with enlightenment, encouragement and love.

Wendy’s Neverland, set in contemporary times, finds Wendy living in America with  her family and her loveable grandfather Peter.  At a slumber part with friends, a gentle fairy appears to Wendy explaining that she must come to Neverland to help save the dying island.  It is dying because people don’t believe anymore.  Complete with Captain Hook. his band of pirates, Tinker Bell, the Fairies and the Lost Boys the story unfolds when Wendy and her friends travel though time to the magical island of Neverland.  Will they arrive in time, and will they be able to help save Neverland?

Windsong Pictures Short Films:

Hunger in America is a moving and touching look at living with hunger.  The documentary short explores the Fort Wayne community with sensitivity and compassion where hope is happening.  St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen where they make 180 gallons of soup daily to feed the needy for over 35 years and Miss Virginia’s Food Pantry in operation for over 60 years feeds 850 to 900 families each week are featured.

Dancers Dreams features seven young dancers who decide after a busy dance season to hit the road during their summer break from school to perform on the road for tourists in town after town.  The close nit group’s journey reflects on great dancers of the past who faced seemingly overwhelming challenges that they met with courage, perseverance and great class.

Little Snow White is the classic Grimm Fairy Tale story with the seven Dwarfs pitting the goodness of Snow White against the evil of the self-absorbed Queen.  The gallant Prince comes to rescue Snow White from the spell that was placed on her, and to the joy of the Dwarfs and all they live happily ever after.

Patrick is a Civil War film that follows two young men, a farmer and a doctor, who fall in love with the same girl.  It is the doctor who wins the girl’s hand in marriage.  Ironically, the two men from the same town meet again serving in the war.

Silent Cry is  moving and meaningful short film that details the life of a young woman, Rachel, who undergoes a dramatic life changing experience.  As a result she struggles with a life and death decision.  The frontier film without dialogue is underscored with intensely meaningful voice-overs and enhanced with sensitive and highly effective special effects.

In the stirring film White Daisies teenagers are forced to live on the streets of America as the forgotten homeless.  Faced with hardships and danger, they cling together for mutual support.  Although a fictional theatrical film, the inspiration for the creation of each character is based on the lives of teens who actually endured the experience of rejection by families and life on the streets.   Dumpster diving for food and seeking shelter under bridges and in abandoned buildings is a dangerous way of life.

 Women on the Railroad looks at the role of women in a profession dominated only by men.  Today 1% of the railroad work force are women. Slowly women have begun to forge a path on the rails in a man’s domain. For those who work on the railroad, it is a rich tradition in a unique world wrought by genius.

 There are many more Windsong Films……….