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Windsong Pictures Charities

 “ To Reach Out, Touch Others & Make a Difference”

The films Windsong Pictures produces, the many programs we provide and the community activities we sponsor have touched the lives of thousands of people in the cast and crew, on the silver screen and in the audiences.  The mission of Windsong Pictures stirs the heart and embraces uplifting messages of hope for the human spirit. Windsong Pictures is so much more than a nonprofit motion picture company. Windsong Pictures makes the dreams of children come true and literally helps to save lives.  How we care for others defines who we are.

Besides Windsong Pictures working with over 250,000 students and 45,000 adults in producing over 300 family friendly motion pictures over the last 40 years, the outreach of Windsong Charities is a remarkable testament to the spirit of the caring and sharing of Windsong families.  “How we care for others defines who we are.”

Over the course of four decades, Windsong Pictures has:

  • Collected and distributed over two million food items to the needy

  • Raised  fresh vegetables for St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen and Miss Virginia’s Mission House from April – October

  • Supported the Ave Maria House and Vincent Village for the homeless

  • Created promotional DVDs for countless numbers of nonprofit organizations like Cancer Services, Historic Old Fort Wayne, Habitat for Humanity, YWCA Domestic Violence Awareness  and more pro bono touching more lives

  • Provided tutoring for students in need

  • Assisted over 1,000 students who were the first in their families to graduate from high school

  • Offered instructional services to many medically homebound students to earn high school credits

  • Secured over one million dollars worth of scholarships for college students

  • Helped people turn their lives around and given them direction.

  • Comforted hundreds of students who come from challenging home situations and help work through hardships including the abused and abandoned

Through everything Windsong Pictures offers support, encouragement, guidance, care and love in “Reaching Out, Touching Others and Making a Difference”. How we treat others determines who we are.                                     Click here for pictures.


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